About Tolver

Tolver is a professional golfer and golf instructor originally from Dothan, Al who currently lives in Troy, Al. Tolver splits time coaching at his two teaching academies in Dothan and Troy, Alabama. He was introduced to the game by his father at the age of two and has been in love with the game ever since. 

Tolver's game improved as a junior golfer eventually rising to win junior events across the Southeast including an American Junior Golf Association Event his sophomore year of high school. After finishing his junior career ranked inside the top 30 golfers in America for the class of 2011, Tolver was offered multiple Div 1 scholarship opportunities and eventually chose to attend Troy University. While at Troy, Tolver qualified for the 2012 and 2014 US Amateur Championships, as well as capturing a win at the 2012 ASU Fall Beach Classic playing for the Trojans. Tolver's career would end for the Trojans in 2015, where he and his team would qualify for Troy's first NCAA regional since 1995. Tolver would go on to finish 2nd individually and advance to the 2015 NCAA Div 1 National Championship where he was awarded the 2015 Elite 89 Award. The Elite 89 award is given to the NCAA student-athlete who records the highest cumulative GPA while competing in a NCAA National Championship competition. 

After turning professional in 2015, Tolver was named an assistant coach for the 2016 and 2017 seasons with the Troy Golf Program under head coach Matt Terry, where the Trojans were able to capture the 2016 SunBelt Conference Championship and also qualify for the 2016 and 2017 NCAA Championships. In the fall of 2017, Tolver would take his love for teaching golf as well as playing golf, and turn them into a joint career by starting his own golf academy in Troy, Al while also playing in professional events around the globe in his pursuit towards the PGA Tour. Tolver and his wife of 5 years, Kailah Dozier, still reside in Troy and enjoy being active members within the Troy community.

Golf Teaching Philosophy

Tolver has a passion and love for understanding the complexities of golf, and loves the challenge that each new student brings forth. Tolver treats each student as a brand new puzzle and knows due to the uniqueness of human anatomy and physiology that no two golf swing puzzles are alike. He believes each person deserves to be coached with information to help their personal movement pattern. With that in mind, Tolver uses data and analytics to best understand each client, and to streamline their improvement process as best and quickly as possible. 

Tolver's first belief in golf instruction is using a sound understanding of geometry and physics to best understand the ball flight laws to help improve a student's impact interval and tighten their shot dispersion. He uses cutting edge launch monitor technology with Foresight Sports to aid him in the measurement process to confidently know what each player's ball flight data is to ensure that swing changes are made correctly. From there, Tolver uses his knowledge in golf biomechanics, kinetics, and kinematics, to best help a player adjust their swing safely and efficiently to help reach their golfing goals. With Swing Catalyst Slo-Motion Video Capture, Tolver is able to accurately analyze each swing a player takes. He uses the same knowledge of the full swing to help players in their short-game improvement as well, using a Science and Motion Sports Putting Lab for all data analysis of a player's putting stroke. Tolver also offers club-fitting services to ensure that each player is properly fitted with clubs that will entrust every detail is addressed to optimize a player's bag as much as possible. Tolver's final teaching philosophy to help his students is his belief in the essential need of statistical data to entrust that his players are improving and their practice plan is optimized to improve their statistical weaknesses. He uses Mark Broadie's strokes gained analysis data from the PGA Tour to accurately assess his competitive players and help formulate practice programs for their games. 

Tolver has been very fortunate to see many of his professional players have success on tours all across North America, his college golfers have success within the NCAA ranks, as well as his junior golfers win many junior tournaments and sign college scholarships around the country. Tolver hopes to never stop his passion for learning more about golf and sharing information as best as possible with every player who walks in his door, no matter their age, handicap, or skill level!